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heptagon n : a seven-sided polygon

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Since 16th century, from ἑπτάγωνον (heptagonon), from ἑπτά (hepta), seven, + γωνία (gonia), angle.


  1. A polygon with seven sides and seven angles.


A polygon with seven sides and seven angles

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In geometry, a heptagon is a polygon with seven sides and seven angles. In a regular heptagon, in which all sides and all angles are equal, the sides meet at an angle of 5π/7 radians, 128.5714286 degrees. Its Schläfli symbol is . The area of a regular heptagon of side length a is given by
A = \fraca^2 \cot \frac \simeq 3.63391 a^2.
The heptagon is also sometimes referred to as the septagon, using "sept-" (an elision of septua-, a Latin-derived numerical prefix, rather than hepta-, a Greek-derived numerical prefix). The OED lists "septagon" as meaning "heptagonal".


A regular heptagon is not constructible with compass and straightedge but is constructible with a marked ruler and compass. This type of construction is called a Neusis construction. It is also constructible with compass, straightedge and angle trisector. The impossibility of straightedge and compass construction follows from the observation that 2cos(2π/7) ≈ 1.247 is a zero of the irreducible cubic x3 + x2 - 2x - 1. Consequently this polynomial is the minimal polynomial of 2cos(2π/7), whereas the degree of the minimal polynomial for a constructible number must be a power of 2.


Two kinds of heptagrams can be constructed from regular heptagons, labeled by Schläfli symbols , and , with the divisor being the interval of connection.
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